Cyber Security

cFocus Software operationalizes NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) phases and Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) functions for Detect, Respond, and Recover that are repeatable (CSF Implementation Tier 3) and adaptive (CSF Implementation Tier 4).

Enterprise IT

cFocus Software transforms your SharePoint environment from an obstacle into an invaluable productivity resource.

If you need assistance to perform a SharePoint migration, create a customized SharePoint experience, or manage an enterprise-level SharePoint environment, cFocus Software is your one-stop-shop for all SharePoint services.

Azure FedRAMP Compliance

Introducing ATO (Authority To Operate) as a Service™, an exclusive offering that automates Azure FedRAMP compliance and continuous monitoring for systems hosted in the Azure Government Cloud–potentially reducing Azure FedRAMP ATO timeframes by up to 25%!