cFocus Software Services

We automate Risk Management Framework & FedRAMP compliance, empower better risk-based decisions, and guide your journey into Microsoft Azure Government, Office 365 Government and SharePoint.

Risk Management Framework Compliance

Introducing Authroity To Operate (ATO) as a Service™, an exclusive cloud software solution that automates Risk Management Framework & FedRAMP compliance and empowers Chief Information Officers/Chief Information Security Officers to make better risk-based decisions.

Let us expedite the RMF process and help you obtain an Authority to Operate for all of your IT systems.

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Microsoft Azure Government Services

cFocus Software is your trusted advisor to guide your journey into Microsoft Azure Government.

We offer unique Azure Government Managed Services packages that meet federal/state/local compliance requirements, and provide everything you need to plan, migrate, manage, and monitor your workloads in Risk Management Framework & FedRAMP compliant Azure Government Cloud services.

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Office 365 Government Services

cFocus Software provides all the expertise you need to seamlessly migrate and manage your workloads in Office 365 Government.

With our unique Office 365 Government Managed Services Packages, and available 24x7x365 customer support, cFocus Software offers best-in-class services for enterprise-level migration and management services for Office 365 Government.

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SharePoint Services

cFocus Software transforms your SharePoint environment from an obstacle into an invaluable productivity resource.

If you need assistance to perform a SharePoint migration, create a customized SharePoint experience, or manage an enterprise-level SharePoint environment, cFocus Software is your one-stop-shop for all SharePoint services.

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