FedRAMP Weekly Tips & Cues – April 4, 2018

This week, FedRAMP published two Q&A’s; one for for Cloud Service Providers(CSPs) and one for Agencies:

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Q: Do the tools used for the penetration test need to be listed anywhere else besides in the Penetration Test Plan document?

A: Yes, the tools used for the penetration test must also be listed in the Security Assessment Plan (SAP) and match those listed in the Penetration Test Plan document. When completing Table 5-3 in the SAP, be sure to include each tool used for the security controls assessment, vulnerability scanning, and penetration test.Click to edit this placeholder text


Q: How do I become “In Process” with a vendor?

A: The “In Process” designation signifies that a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and an Agency are actively working toward achieving a FedRAMP Authorization. The FedRAMP PMO recently updated our requirements for a CSP to become In Process with an Agency. The Agency Authorizing Official (AO) or FedRAMP PMO approved designee must send an email to the FedRAMP PMO (info@fedramp.gov) stating that they are actively working with the CSP and plan to grant an Authority to Operate (ATO) that meets the FedRAMP requirements within 12 months.

In addition, one of the following must be met:

1. The Agency provides proof of a contract award for the use of the cloud service offering (CSO), and the contract specifies when an ATO that meets FedRAMP requirements must be achieved.

2. The Agency is using or testing the CSO and the Agency AO or approved designee sends an email to the FedRAMP PMO (info@fedramp.gov) stating that.

3. The CSO achieves “FedRAMP Ready” designation from the FedRAMP PMO.

4. The Agency, CSP, and FedRAMP PMO complete a formal kick-off meeting with agreement on:

  • A project plan from the CSP that outlines project milestones and schedule associated with the delivery of the authorization deliverables to the Agency and anticipated ATO date.
  • An authorization boundary diagram of all services/capabilities that are included within the security authorization package.
  • Resources available to support the FedRAMP authorization from the CSP and Agency. Personnel identified as critical to the authorization must to be present at the kick-off meeting.

More Information

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