FedRAMP Weekly Tips & Cues -March 7, 2018

This week, FedRAMP published two questions and answers for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs):

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Q: I received a request from a Federal Agency to review my system’s Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO) letter, and I am concerned that sharing the letter will violate sensitivity policies. Is it appropriate to share an authorization letter with Agencies?

A: Yes! The Authorization Letter is intended to serve as evidence that the CSP has obtained their FedRAMP P-ATO. The CSP may show or even provide a copy to a requesting Agency. Indeed, the Agency may need a copy for their own ATO package as evidence they selected a CSP with a valid FedRAMP P-ATO.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Q: Could you explain the purpose and process behind requiring a CSP to complete an incident response test and contingency plan test before their 3PAO assessment?

A: If a CSP does not complete an incident response test and contingency plan test before the 3PAO assessment, the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) will not issue the cloud offering a Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO). These tests must be conducted in accordance with NIST SP 800-53, and the results should be made available to the 3PAO for evaluation. Once a P-ATO is granted, the tests should continue to be completed prior to the annual assessment so that the 3PAO can evaluate the results as part of that assessment.

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