FedRAMP Weekly Tips – October 11, 2017

This week, FedRAMP published questions and answers, one for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and one for Thrid Party Assesment Organizations (3PAOs):

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Q: If I am uploading an Agency-authorized cloud service package for review/approval by FedRAMP, how do I ensure I am uploading all the required documents?

A: The FedRAMP Documentation Checklist (found on FedRAMP.gov under the “Resources” tab, under “Templates,” under “Initial Authorization Phase”) includes a list of the required authorization package documents that must be submitted for review to achieve FedRAMP Authorization. The Checklist specifies the correct format (e.g. Word, or Excel, etc.) that the documentation must be submitted in, as well as if the CSP must use a FedRAMP-provided template for the document. Not only is the Checklist a useful tool for the CSP to help ensure the correct documentation is uploaded, but it is also required to be completed and included with the uploaded material. This is important since it includes fields for each document’s file name, date, and version number, so that the FedRAMP Reviewer knows that each uploaded document is the intended version, and not an older draft. Completing and submitting the Checklist with the package helps to enable an efficient review of the authorization package.

Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs)

Q: How do I get access to my Certificate of Completion after I complete training module 300-G: Readiness Assessment Report (RAR) Preparation?

A: To download and print your course certificate you must first complete the 3PAO RAR Training, 3PAO RAR Final Exam, and FedRAMP Course Survey. These trainings can be accessed through Blackboard Learn on our FedRAMP Training page. Once the course survey is complete, click on the box ‘Marked Reviewed’ below the description. This action will refresh the screen and bring up your course certificate. To view the course certificate, click on the box “Marked Reviewed” and then click on “Certificate” in the upper left hand index under “Start Here”. This action will bring up another window with the certificate and you can print it using the controls on the right.

More Information

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