Azure Government Services

Azure Government Readiness Assessment

cFocus Software performs readiness assessments that provide a detailed roadmap to optimizing your workloads in Microsoft Azure Government while achieving Risk Management Framework (RMF) and FedRAMP compliance.

During an assessment, we integrate cloud readiness assessment software (such as the Azure VM Readiness Assessment tool & BitTitan) and our expertise to understand your current state of operations and recommend your best path to RMF & FedRAMP compliant the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud platform.

The assessment process includes the following steps:

  1. Discover
    Collect information (through discussions, surveys, and automated tools), evaluate infrastructure, boundaries, network & dependencies, and prepare for the assessment based on cFocus Software’s guidelines & framework.
  2. Assess
    Evaluate metrics gathered from the Discovery phase, perform a technical assessment of the data gathered. Prioritize on-premises assets to move to the cloud.
  3. Roadmap
    Categorize infrastructure and applications based on “First to Move”, “Next to Move” and “Last to Move” – based on scoring method.
  4. Calculate ROI
    Publish ROI analysis on moving to the government cloud.

Azure Government Migration Services

cFocus Software migrates your workloads to Microsoft Azure Government by creating and executing a custom migration strategy & plan.

Effective migration planning requires a deep understanding of your target workloads/applications, and a deep understanding of the Microsoft Azure Cloud tools and services that will fulfill all of the business, functional, and performance requirements of your workloads.

Accordingly, our migration services integrates our readiness assessment process, our knowledge of the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud platform, and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in case of any migration problems.

Azure Government Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

cFocus Software can implement a comprehensive and cost-effective backup and recovery strategy for virtually any on-premise or cloud-based content with Azure Government Backup and Azure Government Site Recovery.

Whether you are running physical servers, VMWare/Hyper-V virtual servers, Amazon Web Services virtual servers, etc., Azure Government Backup and Azure Government Site Recovery provide a comprehensive set of tools (like Azure Operations Management Suite)  and services that allow you to backup and recover your data. Azure Backup can integrate with your physical media (tape) requirements, or completely eliminate the need for it. Azure Site Recovery makes it easy to fulfill your disaster recovery and failover requirements.