4 Reasons the U.S. Department of Defense is Moving to Azure Government

Microsoft’s Azure Government continues to make huge strides in critical government institutions. But nowhere is that progress more important than the U.S. Department of Defense plan to switch to Azure for critical workloads. The DoD’s decision is on the heels of Azure’s provisional authorization for DoD’s Impact Level 5 earlier this year.

This provision is a key factor in why many members of national security now choose to use Microsoft systems like Windows 10.

The Department of Defense wants to start using more cloud-based technologies rather than relying on something easily outdated. Frequently, government-deployed systems become obsolete quickly, leading to upgrade issues.

So how will Azure help the DoD in future tasks and help our nation’s security in the process?

Reason 1: Azure is granted Level 5 DoD Provisional Authorization

Last January, Azure received the above authorization to allow DoD the chance to plan, assess, and authorize controlled unclassified information at Impact Level 5. It brought a new paradigm to how the DoD operates, including enjoying the benefits cloud-based software brings.

Workloads within national security systems can become far more organized, stay safer, and gain universal accessibility.

More so, moving to Azure lets the DoD move away from having to deal with in-house IT solutions requiring extensive management. As an attractive option for them, it can bring far leaner government IT in general.

How this works for specific tasks is worth examination, especially with the DoD being more important than ever in the volatile times we’re living in.

Reason 2: Azure Government lets the DoD Focus on Mission Objectives

Azure is far simpler to use and quicker in functions, allowing enhanced focus on mission objectives at the DoD. All application workloads become easier to manage this way, which is critical when relying on application developments. It allows an advanced way to bring in analytics as well, plus cyber security.

All of these are critical to government organizations who need to know what’s going on at all times while keeping data safe. Azure provides thorough analytics so the DoD can know what’s occurring internally and externally to America’s benefit.

We all know about cyber security and how important it is to our own government. The DoD obviously knows they can trust Azure to assure secret data isn’t hacked. Compliance has assurance as well to avoid violations.

Reason 3: Azure Government Frees the DoD from Costly Traditional Hardware

As a money-saver, the DoD obviously realized Azure was the best choice. For scaling up workloads, it’s a true cost-effective process using the cloud over traditional hardware or services procurement. Trying to acquire multi-server hardware just for a test environment could otherwise take months of time, hence bringing far too much downtime.

All test migrations in Azure are easy to set up in just days, something the DoD is going to benefit from greatly. Even better is that they can tear down the test environment without incurring money losses.

Reason 4: Retrieving Data on Threats and Malware

We all know the DoD is just as vulnerable to cyber attacks as any government agency. Since Azure provides two regional editions for the DoD (namely East and Central regions), it can help provide data for every internal agency from The Joint Chiefs of Staff to all major military branches.

Some of the strongest aspects to Azure analytics is real-time alerts to threats and malware. No doubt the Defense Department worried every day about these particular threats, though perhaps didn’t have a complete fail-safe method to scope out these issues until now.

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