Office 365 Government Services

Office 365 Government Migration Services

cFocus Software expertly manages end-to-end, zero-downtime Office 365 Government migrations from virtually any platform (Exchange 2003+/Novell GroupWise/IMAP/GoogleMail) with our automated migration tools and processes.

An end-to-end Office 365 Government migration includes several steps. These steps include:

  1. Pre-migration assessment of hardware/software compatibility, & current email/calendar/data configuration
  2. Migration planning & disaster recovery planning
  3. Post-migration Outlook configuration

We have automated the majority of the activity within each of these steps, providing an end-to-end solution specifically for migrating customers to Office 365: tenant provisioning, licensing, user creation, mailbox migration, DNS changes, and desktop configuration. Regardless of the size of your organization, cFocus Software has the tools and experience to seamlessly migrate your services to Office 365 Government.

Office 365 Government Administration Services

cFocus Software efficiently manages your Office 365 Government environment, ensuring high availability and maximum usability.

Office 365 Government is a constantly evolving platform of products and services (Exchange Online, Skype for Business, SharePoint, One Drive, Yammer, PowerApps, etc.) that all need to be administered and configured. Let the experts at cFocus Software manage these services for you. Through our direct collaboration with Microsoft, we understand the configuration details that are necessary for high availability and maximum usability.

Some of the management and configuration services we perform include:

  • Office 365 Government User Management
  • Office 365 Government Exchange Online Management
  • Office 365 Government Unified Communications Management
  • Office 365 Government Hybrid Solutions

Office 365 Government Security

cFocus Software specializes in security hardening, threat management, and anti-spoofing solutions for Office 365 Government.

Are you using the default Office 365 Government security settings and features? If so, your environment is vulnerable to several spoofing attacks, and advanced persistent threats. cFocus Software has a deep understanding of the Office 365 Government security features, and we can implement a defense-in-depth strategy that maximizes the protection level of your Office 365 Government users and content.

Some of the tools and services that we can include in the defense-in-depth strategy include:

  • Office 365 Government SecureScore Management
  • Office 365 Government Data Loss Protection
  • Office 365 Government Security Management/Advanced Threat Protection
  • Office 365 Government Anti-Spoofing Management