How To Create Visualizations with Office 365 Government

There isn’t any end to Office 365 Government updates this year, and Microsoft’s Roadmap shows plenty more to come. One of the best since the beginning of the year is updates to Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365. These new innovations bring more visual touches to how you do work in your government office. As such, you’ll be able to gain a clearer picture on the projects you work on.

The updates intend to help your fellow workers make better decisions during critical moments. Since many of the projects you’re working on can sometimes mean saving lives, you can’t just make second-guesses on project data.

Many of the new updates offer visualizations and real-time information for time-sensitive decisions. However, most of the updates create graphics with superior aesthetic quality and easy readability.

Visualizations From Source Data

One of the most exciting features is the ability to turn database information into an attractive visual for more compelling reports. With the technology available to connect to SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle, you’ll create visual representations from each one of these databases.

In basic form, you can turn complex government data you’re trying to make sense of into beautiful tables and graphs.

All of these have customization since you choose what source data you want represented in each graphic. Plus, you can add other graphical elements like keys, indexes, or triggers.

A standout feature is visualizations work in real-time, so all charts and graphs update automatically based on the changes you make to data. Now everyone in your government office has access to these visuals without confusion.

Diagrams Specific to Your Industry

If you’ve tried to make visualizations in the past and couldn’t find diagrams for your industry, Microsoft just solved your problem. Visio Pro for Office 365 has a library of diagram templates you can examine and use in your charts & graphs.

All of these have industry-specific design standards so you can trust these aren’t made by outsiders.

The template variety is extensive, including fifty templates and 100 diagram samples.

New Templates for UML 2.5

In government offices working with architecture or software, Microsoft added new Unified Modeling Language diagrams for your visualizations. Those working in the above fields can streamline their diagrams so they’re easier to understand and use.

With three new templates available, you have a new way to work. One of these is component diagrams for showing components, ports, and interfaces.

Deployment diagrams help considerably for software developers to understand deployment architecture.

Communication diagrams are the other option for highlighting interactions between each lifeline.

Creating Maps

In government, being able to create good-looking graphical maps with complete accuracy is still challenging without separate software. These new updates allow you to create detailed color maps that help in planning out various governmental strategies, including in military or security.

The maps are completely interactive as well so every department can understand your diagrams.

This is only one aspect to the new Visual Pro features bringing interactive educational graphics when generating reports.

Educational Graphics

Many use the new templates for educational planning in the classroom, but it has effective use in government fields for complex subjects. Your government organization may deal in complicated subject matter some of your employees may have trouble comprehending.

Providing educational material with useful visual illustrations makes the complex more comprehensible for faster decision-making.

Other templates are available in general subject matter like music and sports if your government office has connections to these fields. Through Visio Pro’s smart shapes, there isn’t a subject you can’t convey in a way that’s easier to grasp.

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