No Compromises: Office 365 Government Delivers Solid Security with Cloud Productivity

Some government offices remain reluctant in moving to the cloud. Understandably, their fears about security are greater than any promises of improved productivity the cloud offers.

But a growing number of governments realize that Microsoft’s Office 365 Government gives them both: cloud productivity and the level of security they demand.

One major concern is that when using a more secure cloud, it might mean slowing down work processes to compensate. In government, you obviously don’t want productivity slowing down when demands are up.

Fortunately, Microsoft remains a major player in managing to balance both. Office 365 Government has specific features allowing such a balance. At the same time, they provide transparency on what features you’ll get for the price.

Even their related Azure Government provides a pricing calculator for better price planning.

Here’s a list of the features Office 365 Government offers to give you an idea of keeping your data safe.

Office 365 Encryption Can Help You Sleep at Night

Office 365 Government offers you dependable end-to-end encryption that minimizes your need to second-guess whether you’re being hacked.

One thing you can count on with this software is their attention to encryption when sending data.

Office 365 Government let you customize your security. You can control your own security policy by limiting certain types of email, application access, or company-managed devices.

Microsoft is Relentless in Security Testing

Another dependable aspect to Office 365 Government is Microsoft’s attention to testing their security. They call this their “assumed breach” strategy, something they use for Azure as well.

This should give you more confidence knowing Microsoft challenges their own security to scope out flaws. Few other cloud services offer this, making it riskier on data being compromised.

Thanks to measuring real-world attacks, you won’t go through the same problem other companies have with cloud breaches. When it comes to protecting the public’s information, this is imperative in the times we’re living in.

Office 365 Government Brings Security to Mobile Devices

As your government office becomes mobile, you’ll want your cloud program to do the same. Microsoft makes this easy with their Office 365 Government, but they go the extra mile with an efficient security feature.

No matter what mobile device you use, Microsoft lets you wipe your program data if your device happens to become stolen. It’s an extremely convenient feature when you have government employees working on the go.

In the volatile world we’re living in, it can also save any classified government data from falling into the wrong hands.

Providing Choice on Who Has Access

To demonstrate how much Office 365 Government uses customization, they give you further control on who accesses information. We all know internal employees can potentially compromise data, so you’re able to give choices on who you trust.

Administrators don’t gain rights by default here as you sometimes see with other cloud platforms. You’ll gain control on who accesses certain parts of Office 365 and on what devices.

Specific applications also give you more control on who accesses them and when. In turn, you’ll create more trust among your government employees and not wonder what’s occurring beyond your knowledge.

Staying Complaint

If you worry about staying compliant, along with other government rules and protocols, Office 365 Government keeps you in line. The software is already set up to keep your data within government compliance guidelines to remove fear of violation fines.

Microsoft continually keeps the software updated so they don’t fall behind on global security demands. They do this for you so you don’t have to do it manually.

In all, Office 365 Government goes above and beyond their peers to provide the best security without slowing down your workflow.

Keep reading us at cFocus Software Incorporated to learn more about why this and Azure Government are the superior choices in government offices.

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