Risk Management Framework Compliance

Introducing ATO as a Service™

The process to obtain a FedRAMP/Risk Management Framework (RMF) Authority To Operate (ATO) is very time consuming, manual, and paper-intensive. Until now!

Introducing ATO as a Service™, an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) that expedites FedRAMP/RMF processes, auto-generates authorization package documents, and automates continuous monitoring for your Microsoft Cloud-hosted information systems.

cFocus Software has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to develop ATO as a Service™, allowing us to integrate best-of-breed cloud and continuous monitoring automation technology.

ATO as a Service™ gives you:

  • A rich and intuitive user experience that expedites FedRAMP/RMF processes
  • Auto-generation and retention of FedRAMP low, moderate, and high authorization package documents
  • Continuous monitoring automation and management
  • A single pane of glass and predictive analytics capabilities that reveal insights into your overall FedRAMP/RMF security posture

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Expedite FedRAMP/RMF Processes

ATO as a Service™ features a rich user experience that expedites FedRAMP/RMF authorizations through automation.

Each FedRAMP process area (Document, Assess, Authorize, & Monitor) is presented through a step-by-step wizard that incorporates all applicable FedRAMP/RMF instructions & templates and guides you to completion.

Auto-Generate FedRAMP Documents

ATO as a Service™ automates FedRAMP/RMF data collection and auto-generates authorization package documents (such as the System Security Plan, POA&Ms list, etc.) for you.

Through our collaboration with the Microsoft Azure Blueprint program, ATO as a Service™ automatically provides implementation responses to common controls inherited from Microsoft Azure, and also provides guidance on how to write a thorough and compliant implementation response for security controls that are your responsibility.

Continuous Monitoring Automation

ATO as a Service™ automates the implementation of Microsoft Azure and Tenable continuous monitoring tools and services on your behalf.

Furthermore, our continuous monitoring dashboard provides operational visibility of security controls, manages system change control, and manages incident responses for your information systems.

Analyze FedRAMP Security Posture

ATO as a Service™ affords you the opportunity to analyze your overall FedRAMP security posture in the Microsoft Cloud at an organizational level.

Through a single pane of glass, ATO as a Service™ can aggregate initial and ongoing authorization details for all of your Microsoft Cloud-based information systems, revealing trends and insights that help you to make better risk-based policy decisions.

ATO as a Service™ also incorporates Microsoft Machine Learning and predictive analytics capabilities that analyzes your system logs for emerging threat patterns, and subsequently makes recommendations on the best security controls to implement to mitigate the risk associated with these threats.

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Want to learn more about ATO as a Service™?

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