Risk Management Framework Compliance

ATO as a Service™

The process of obtaining an Authority To Operate (ATO) through the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and FedRAMP is often very time consuming, manual, and paper-intensive. Until now!

Introducing ATO as a Service™, an exclusive cloud software solution that automates Risk Management Framework & FedRAMP compliance and empowers Chief Information Officers/Chief Information Security Officers to make better risk-based decisions.

ATO as a Service™ automates the Risk Management & FedRAMP processes by integrating all RMF-related requirements, documentation, and activities into an intuitive cloud-based software solution. ATO as a Service™ incorporates machine learning and advanced predictive analytics to create new customer-specific risk information, empowering you to make more informed risk-based decisions.

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DIACAP-to-RMF Transition Services

Do you need to transition an IT system from DIACAP to RMF compliance? cFocus Software can manage the transition process for you.

A successful DIACAP to RMF transition requires more than just updated paperwork. Specifically, it requires a transition of:

  1. The risk management process
  2. The documentation
  3. Stakeholder knowledge & understanding

Accordingly, our DIACAP to RMF transition services address these three areas. We execute each step of the RMF process as required. During the process, we map DODI 8500-2 security controls to the corresponding NIST 800-53 controls, ensuring that we maximize DIACAP artifact reuse (System Identification Profile (SIP), DIACAP Implementation Plan (DIP), DIACAP Scorecard, Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&Ms), additional supporting documentation, etc.). We also train all stakeholders to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding needed to continue to maintain RMF compliance.

RMF Continous Monitoring Solutions

cFocus Software specializes in creating and deploying RMF continuous monitoring solutions in Microsoft Azure Government.

Step 6 of RMF defines a comprehensive set of continuous monitoring requirements which include Vulnerability & Patch Management, Event & Incident Management, Malware Detection, Asset Management, Configuration Management, etc. If you host an IT system in Azure Government, you need to deploy several products and services to meet these requirements.

Through our deep understanding of both RMF and Microsoft Azure Government, cFocus Software has identified the appropriate Azure Government and third party products and services that meet all RMF continuous monitoring requirements.

Let us design a comprehensive continuous monitoring solution for your Azure Government-hosted IT system!

RMF Training Services

cFocus Software offers Risk Management Framework training services that prepares you to understand and manage the RMF process.

During the course, we teach you about risk management and the manner in which the Risk Management Framework handles risk management. We introduce you to all of the policies, documents, and templates that are incorporated into the Risk Management Framework. We also share best practices for completing each of the 6 steps of the framework.

Additionally, we will introduce you to the continuous monitoring tools that are available for meeting the requirements of the Framework.

Upon completion of the course, you will have a deep understanding of the RIsk Management Framework, all of the documentation involved, and all of the best practices that you should implement to successfully mitigate the risk of all of your IT systems.