FedRAMP Weekly Tips – July 27 2017

This week, FedRAMP published a weekly tip that discusses the use of non-US persons support and updating SSP officials:

TIP: A CSP using non-US persons to support their system is FedRAMP compliant, but will find their market limited among Federal agencies.

Using non-US persons to support a FedRAMP system is a business decision the CSP must make. There is no Federal requirement about citizenship. Some agencies have no issue with the use of non-US persons supporting the system; however, many agencies have their own citizenship requirements. For some agencies, the requirement is blanket. For others, it may depend on the sensitivity of the system.

TIP: If a CSP’s or Authorizing Official’s information has changed, be sure to make these changes in the role section of the System Security Plan (SSP) immediately after the change.

There have been a lot of personnel changes in CSPs and agencies. It’s critical that CSPs update their SSPs to reflect these changes, as this is something that is vital, but often overlooked.

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